Modular Rat Maze - Awarded for Best New Small Animal Product SuperZoo 2013


Qualities of the rat maze for sale, aka Critter Mazes.


By using the Critter Mazes rat maze system, you will present a professional appearance at an affordable rate that scales with various budgets (the more parts you own, the larger the possiblities.


Our rodent maze system is For sale!

Click here for our rat maze for sale on


Completely modular and modifiable - Make different configurations such as

T-Maze, Radial, Vertical and more all with the same parts!

Clear enough to see through.


MULTI-LEVEL. <-- Way cool!

Easily sanitized.

Kits add on to other kits.

and packs away neatly for the next years classes in a neat 8" x 8" x 8" Boxes per kit!


Behold... (dramatic pause)... Critter Maze bases and walls, MADE IN THE USA




All variations made using the SAME parts!!