Modular Rat Maze - Awarded for Best New Small Animal Product SuperZoo 2013

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How to make a rat maze, Each of our parts are itentical and you can mix and match the rat maze bases with other bases and the rat maze walls too.


How to make a rat maze.


  • Step 1) Connect the rat maze bases by aligning the same shape female to male connections.
  • Step 2) Place columns into the bases for the rat maze walls and next level of bases.
  • Step 3) Slide walls into the grooves of the column where desired
  • Step 4) place the next level of bases onto the columns.


  • You can make
  • a square
  • a T-Maze
  • a radial arm maze
  •  and many other designs using the same parts, (in different configurations).








     How to make a rat maze, there are many variations of mazes and Critter Mazes allows for many combinations in its award winning design.  The system is very simple and allows for creativity.  What is the point of making a rat maze? Rat congnitive reasoning studies, training and fun!

     If a rat or any other rodent such as mice, hamsters and the like, are given a large maze and the rat is given time to learn where the food is with 3 possible pathways.  If you the controller block the shortest pathway, the rat will usually take the next sortest pathway to the food treat!  So the question is,  how do you build a rat maze?

     As you can see this is not a homemade rat maze project (tho it did start out as one)!  We tried making a few homemade rat mazes. one using cardboard, got soiled and one of our rats chewed through instead of walking around.  eventually had to throw it all away as it was gross. (we did the same in wood but it ended up gross and soiled too).

(Critter Mazes is washable and reusable)

     We made some out of plastic at TAP Plastics, but was super expensive for us, a dollar per wall! crazy right?  but we had to have each one cut to be of a usuable size.  we then glued everything down..and well that was a mess, it did work but ended up not being very changable and was brittle as we did not know how to glue it all down with no columns.  It stunk like chemicals...

     So the best way we figured to make a rat maze was to design our own and make it using modern tooling, with a safe inert materials for the pets we own and love.  Learning from our home made rat maze attempts, we learned how to make a rat maze the correct way. And since, at the time, rat mazes were not available to purchase in stores,my husband and I took up the torch, and its burning bright, in fact in less than a year we will be in local stores and not just online at, were we sell our rat mazes (pats self on back) You're welcome rodent lovers!!

    One thing we learned from making a bunch of homemade rat mazes is that configuration is KEY, thus the Modular design to allow for many different configurations.  Want a T-Maze at the end of every arm of a radial arm maze (RAM)? and have it be multi level in various areas or all over? yep.. and this is why we got FIRST PLACE for BEST NEW SMALL ANIMAL PRODUCT at SuperZoo(Nailed it!)